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California homeowners use 56% of the total household energy for air conditioning, water heating and heating homes, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Our experience shows it is due to excessive air leakage, inadequate insulation, and inefficient heating and air conditioning equipment. With at least a 6% annual increase in California’s energy costs most homeowners are rapidly investing in improving their home’s energy efficiency. That’s where Soleeva comes in.

Soleeva’s innovative solar panels are the most efficient on the market, with our proprietary cooling technology that boosts energy transfer rates and prevents overheating. Offering electricity, hot water and hot air, these panels are low-maintenance, self-cleaning, and easy to install.

Our energy efficiency solutions are holistic and personalized to fit your specific needs and your budget. Specialists in home energy evaluations, solar & thermal power systems, roofing and insulation, we provide home improvements for your whole house. We offer free estimates and financing options for California homeowners through our partners. Most homeowners in the Greater Bay Area also qualify for rebates offered by the State of California. Speak with our financing partners to see if you qualify.

We take lots of pride in our technology, our solutions and our services. We’ll give you a no-obligation consultation and if your home doesn’t need a Soleeva solution, we will tell you so honestly. Ask our customers!

We're not out to sell you a product. As your trusted home energy specialist in the Valley we want to make sure you get the right solutions to accomplish your goals - whether it's a more comfortable home, lower energy bills, greener living or all of the above.

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