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Soleeva Energy Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Soleeva Energy will pay a referral fee of $1000.00 for any lead that purchases a 3.5kW or greater. The referrer must submit the name of the referee, their zip code, and phone number. The referrer can submit a referral by calling Soleeva Energy at (833) 820-8080, speaking directly with a certified Soleeva Energy Solar Specialist or on their contract (if they are a current or processing Soleeva Energy customer). A referral will only be considered eligible once Soleeva Energy Inc. processes and completes the contract for a commercial or residential project and installs the solar electric system. The referral must also not be in our current database or a current/past Soleeva Energy customer or it/they will be considered for the $1000.00 referral fee. A referral fee can only be submitted once, and if multiple submit the same referral, the first person who submits the referral via phone, online – using the form, or through a certified Soleeva Energy solar specialist. The referral fee would be paid in full to the referrer 30 days after Soleeva Energy has completed the projected and received the final payment for work completed. A referrer is allowed to submit up to 6 eligible referrals per calendar year and receive up to $6000.00 per calendar year. Soleeva Energy reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time without prior notice. This referral program cannot be combined with any other offer. Being a referrer does not make you an employee of Soleeva Energy. All rights reserved.