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Soleeva Energy provides commercial solar design, engineering, and quality construction to clients nationwide. We have completed many megawatts of commercial projects. We have experienced and certified professionals, and have an in-house team to fully manage the entire commercial solar job from start to finish for you. 

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Benefits of Switching to Solar for Businesses

Environmental Leadership

Going solar is a good way to show the world that you and your business care. It will make your business stand out among your competitors and earn you a good reputation.

High and Fast Return on Investment

Due to Solar Panel Depreciation tax code, you can get a good amount of money back in the first year of installing your solar system. Businesses can choose to either reinvest the money received or use it towards the solar installation costs.

Tax Incentives

Business owners who have installed solar systems in 2020-2022 will receive a federal tax credit for 26% of the cost of the system.

No Power Outages

Unexpected power outages are common characteristics of traditional energy sources and in most cases can result in financial damage for your business. However, this will almost never happen with solar power. Solar systems will highly improve your grid security.

Reduced Business Expenses

Going solar might be one of the solutions that will help your business hugely save on electricity bills. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to your utility provider, you can just generate your own energy by going solar and improve your company’s budget.

Solar is the Cost Saving Decision Your Business Needs

Soleeva Energy is the Perfect Solar Partner For Your Business

Highest Warranty in the Market

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Our Technology

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High quality solar panels with monocrystalline cells and an industry leading solar panel warranty.

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High quality panels with our popular advanced patented Self-Cleaning technology. Industry leading solar panel warranty, and solar energy production warranty. Commercial Owners and Farms love this technology because of how effectively it will reduce or eliminate maintenance costs!

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Solar Company in California

Hello I am Sundeep with A&A Intermodal Terminal, and a very happy Soleeva Customer.

We got solar installed in our trucking yard here in Lathrop. I had a really great experience with Soleeva Energy. They took great care of me, there was clear communication throughout every stage of the entire process. Their Self-Cleaning and Self-Cooling technology is what attracted us, and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to make the switch to solar. Thank you Soleeva!

Sundeep SinghHappy Customer

Hello my name is Philip and I went with Soleeva for their advanced technology. When choosing between different solar providers, Soleeva Energy stood out to me specifically because of their self-cleaning and self-cooling panels and 30 year warranty. Soleeva recommended me the best system to save money long term. Thank you so much!

Philip WongHappy Customer

We just got our solar installed with Soleeva for our farm and couldn't be happier, I highly recommend talking to them for a consultation if you are interested in getting solar! First of all, I talked to several different companies, and no other company was able to beat the offer that Soleeva gave. The price was very reasonable and the panels are made to be self-cleaning. They offer a 30 year warranty for everything, and they are very patient when talking to you to make sure you fully understand everything before signing up. Aisha went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable with everything, and answered every single one of our questions for weeks and weeks, and the crew that came out to work on the job was incredible, especially Anthony, who was so incredible in helping us figure out exactly what would work for us! You have nothing to lose by at least doing a consultation if you are interested, we are very happy overall.

RajHappy Customer

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