Solar Careers at Soleeva Energy

Soleeva Energy: a solar technology and installation company in the Silicon Valley. We are based in San Jose, and we service throughout California. We are hiring for many positions including, marketing, finance, customer success managers and solar design specialists, customer service, engineering, outside and inside solar consultants and much more. We have very competitive pay that is open to discussion in further interviews. For outside sales you would make base salary plus commission and for inside sales you’d get base salary plus bonuses per sale. For other job positions we hire on salary. Our top salesman made 1 million just the previous year. The sky is the limit with Soleeva, it just depends on how well you hustle, stay organized, and hone your skills. We have medical, dental, vision, bonus pay, and many other benefits for in-house salaried positions. We have a great environment at Soleeva, ambitious, and family-like. You get to see your creative ideas come to life, have a direct impact on the company, and the environment. It is also like a startup environment, which means that you get to wear many hats. We are looking for someone incredibly organized, a fast learner, and someone who functions well in a fast-paced and often changing processes. We have had rapid growth in the past two years and are excited to interview. Please fill out the form below and attach your resume.

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