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✔ 25% More Energy Production
✔ 30-year Warranty

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4 Reasons to Choose Soleeva Energy


  • Patented Technology
  • Self-Cleaning Panels
  • Self-Cooling and Heat Management
  • Solar Thermal System for Optimum Productivity


  • Save Time and Money on Maintenance
  • Un-matched 30-year Warranty
  • 24/7 Solar Monitoring Service
  • Avoid PG&E Blackouts with our World Class Solar Battery Systems


  • Tax Credit When You Install before the End of 2019
  • 100% Financing with $0 Down Payment
  • Smart Investment, with 25% Higher Energy Production.
  • Financing Options that are lower than your monthly energy bills


  • We are San Jose based licensed Solar Installers, with 40 Years of Experience
  • Full-Service Company (design & engineering, installation, and system monitoring)
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Soleeva Energy is a Trusted Name in Solar Energy

Patent No:
9,029,683 B2; 9,103,564 B2

1. Solar Consultation

You are unique, and so is your home. We would like to meet with you to talk about your specific vision for your ideal solar panel. We can meet you at your home, or take you out for tea.

Your solar specialist will customize a system to fit your specific energy needs, manage your permits, and guide you through the installation and solar action process…yes, you’ll be able to reach them any time

2. Solar Financing

100% financing with $0 Down Payment available for most home owners.

We work with the best solar financing companies in the world, including YGrene and Dividend.

Soleeva offers clients the unique opportunity to combine their energy based, home improvement projects with their solar installation, including HVAC, and roofing. Save more with Soleeva when you group these projects with your solar financing.

3. Solar Installation

We design and install solar energy systems for both commercial and residential buildings!

We are helping home and business owners all across the Bay Area; the more money they save on electricity, the quicker they expand and create jobs for hard working Californians.

Home installations take 3-4 weeks, while commercial jobs require more time depending on the size.


Every home is different, and that's why we recommend scheduling a free consultation with a Soleeva solar representative to learn what exactly you’ll be saving with solar panels

At Soleeva Energy, we believe in designing solar systems that truly enhance each customers home or business, that is why we want to meet you. No one knows what you need more than you do, schedule a consultation today to start building your dream energy system.


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