Self-Cleaning Soleeva Skye™ Panels for Zero Maintenance and Outstanding Performance

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Increased Efficiency

See up to 20% more energy production

*(depending on soiling rates in your area)


   Zero Maintenance

  • Save up to $20,000 over your solar system’s life in quarterly cleaning costs
  • 24/7 performance monitoring by Soleeva, as well as free access to track your system’s health
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 Best-in-class   Warranties

  • Panel Warranty up to 30 years
  • Production guarantee and Penetration Warranty Up to 20 years
  • Re-application of Soleeva SkyeTM every 10 up to 30 years

Dirt Repellent Solar Panels for Optimum Energy Production

What’s the problem?

All solar panels are exposed to the atmosphere and everything in it. This often leads to dust, soil, and algae buildup that can prevent sunlight from reaching the panel. This occurrence costs homeowners between 15-25% in energy production during the lifetime of the system and thousands of dollars in cleaning fees. We recognized this problem, we don’t want our customers having to deal with the unsafe hassle of climbing on the roof, so our hardworking team of engineers came up with a solution.


Anti-Soiling Technology for Maximum Energy Production

Our answer to the problem is Soleeva’s patented Anti-Soiling technology. This self-cleaning solution is a non-toxic top coat that works with rain and moisture in the atmosphere to eliminate dirt, grime and pollution buildup. All of our panels require far less cleaning and produce 25% more energy over their lifetime compared to other panels on the market. Soleeva’s self-cleaning panels save you thousands in cleaning fees and give your home or business consistent energy production.

We were happy to save client’s money and energy with our solution, but we decided to take it a step further. Not only is our Anti-Soiling technology great for your wallet, it’s great for the environment as well…

Get up to 30 years warranty when you combine both our Self-Cooling and Anti-Soiling Technology.

Farmer cleaning solar panels on barn roof, Waldfeucht-Bocket, Germany

Safeguarding the Future with Our Technology

Father showing son (4-6) solar panel outdoors

At Soleeva, we care deeply about the environment. That is why we found a way to help eliminate the top two greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere. Unlike most panels on the market, our patented anti-soiling technology removes Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide from the atmosphere while it’s cleaning itself. Installing one Soleeva panel is like planting two trees. Now you can start saving money and the planet!


Soleeva’s Anti-Soiling Technology Cleans the Air Around it While Producing Electricity

Invest in Solar Panels That Stand the Test of Time

Your decision to switch to clean energy should not be a compromise on efficiency, but the upgrade needed to power your home and leave a positive impact on our planet. Our engineers have made the switch to solar technology more environmentally and financially beneficial. Get your Self-Cleaning panels today.

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