Our CoolAir™ Solar Panels are the Longest Lasting, Highest Energy Output on the Market

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Longest Panel life available

Enjoy 5-10 years longer panel life, saving you even more money compared to standard panels.


Create 15-20% more production

Because our panels keep operating at the ambient temperature, you can expect maximum solar panel electrical output

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Longest warranty on the market

Relax knowing you are fully covered on the following:

  • Panel Warranty (30 years)
  • Production Guarantee (25 years)
  • Penetration Warranty (20 years)

Air-Cool Solar Technology - Clean, Efficient, Dependable.

The sun generates light and heat which powers your panels. However, too much heat is the enemy of solar panels, which causes the panels to work harder, produce less energy and undergo degradation faster; a problem that costs many home and business owners money and energy.

As the heat in a panel rises, the electrical output drops proportionately to the temperature. Therefore, at peak sun energy input, standard solar panels lose between 15 to 25% of their production capacity. Luckily, Soleeva’s air-cooled solar panels keep operating at the ambient temperature to ensure maximum solar panel electrical output; courtesy of our patented Air Cooled solar panels.

Experience the Future

Soleeva solar panels are built with proprietary self-cooling technology that includes airplane-grade aluminum fins which draw heat out of each panel, allowing them to maintain their optimum operating temperature. Invest in solar panels that produce more energy and last longer than other panels on the market.

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Maximizes the Efficiency of Our Solar Panels

Soleeva’s S1AC module is evolving the way solar panels interact in the environment, by diffusing excess heat into the atmosphere. Our air-cooled modules absorb and block heat energy from the sun. They also keep the inside of your home cooler during the day by blocking heat from the sun. This allows your home to stay cooler during long and hot summer days. However, this process does not lower the energy output of your solar panels during winter months. This is because the angle of the sun is lower which gives it a more direct contact into your home through other areas such as windows; keeping you warm longer. Additionally, our Air-Cooled solar technology lowers the operating temperature of PV solar panels, to create the longest lasting, highest energy output on the market. So, expect up to 5 more years of high productivity out of your Soleeva S1 AC, Air Cooled Panels.

Invest in Solar Panels That Stand the Test of Time

Your decision to switch to clean energy should not be a compromise on efficiency, but the upgrade needed to power your home and leave a positive impact on our planet. Our engineers have made the switch to solar technology more environmentally and financially beneficial, so invest in the best, invest in Soleeva.

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