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Our Top Priority Is Clean, Cost-Effective Energy for Everyone

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Everyone Deserves Reliable, Affordable Energy

Worrying about expensive utility bills, or the next power shut down isn’t just frustrating, it’s scary.
You shouldn’t be tied to one provider.
You deserve the freedom to choose how to get your energy.
We’re on a mission to help everyone take control of their consumption and costs. For good. We are your peace of mind through your journey as you switch to solar.

Experience the Soleeva Difference



Know all your options–from systems to financing–and understand the benefits of solar energy. We offer transparent pricing and services.



Relax knowing you’ve got the most efficient, cost-effective solar energy system on the market. Our certified professionals and engineering team make sure of it.

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We’ll explain everything, every step of the way. We take care of you for your entire 30 years with us.
We monitor your system remotely, and know before you do if something is amiss.

Making Solar Energy Affordable for Everyone

Solar Energy Bay Area

Dealing with ever-increasing rate hikes and unpredictable power cuts is frustrating. We believe everyone deserves to have total control of their energy consumption and costs - not be tied to one utility company.

Our mission is to make clean, cost-effective energy accessible for everyone.

To do that, we're using our background in the Silicon Valley tech scene to:

1. Innovate smarter renewable energy systems.

2. Help our clients make smarter energy choices.

We don't just sell solar panels. We're a full-service provider, here to explain your options and provide custom solutions for all your energy needs--from financing and filing permits, to custom engineered systems, fixing roofs and updating electrical. We are your one-stop-shop.

Your Dedicated Team for Solar Energy Savings

We're taking solar to the next level with innovative technology and custom solutions.

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# 1 solar panel designer, technology, and installer in the Bay Area
Top 1% of Solar Contractors in California by BuildZoom
10 year track record of innovating efficient and affordable systems.
National Science Foundation Award Winner

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