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Solar Thermal System

After a day in the sun, your closed car traps in a lot of heat, making it too hot to touch. A solar thermal system harnesses the sun's energy much like your car. You open up your doors and windows to let out the heat, but at Soleeva, we use heat collected through the solar panels to heat water that can be used for washing and heating your home.

Unlike any other solar company, Soleeva offers solar thermal systems for your home. During your home’s site survey or consultation, we will assess your energy needs and devise ways so that energy collected through Soleeva’s solar panels on your rooftop, can be effectively directed to those needs.

Want to know more about reducing your water heating bills or redirecting your solar energy to washing? Call us – we’d love to share our knowledge and tech with you!

How Our Solar Thermal System Work

Closed-Loop Thermal Systems are the most common types, where an propylene glycol (safe!) solution circulates between the solar collector and a heat exchanger in the hot water tank. This allows the system to function year-round, with no danger of damage due to freezing weather.

When the antifreeze in the collector reaches a certain temperature, a control module activates a pump to move the hot fluid through the heat exchanger to heat the water in the tank. When solar heat is limited or unavailable, water in the tank can be heated by an electric heating element or a tankless water heater.

Why is that important for you?

These systems are rapidly becoming every smart homeowner’s top choice because it

  • Increases home resale value
  • Can cut up to 80% of water heating costs
  • Is usually less expensive to install than a solar PV system
  • Local and federal incentives further reduce installation cost
  • Is efficient, reliable and provide many years of trouble-free savings
  • Gives greater savings as solar-heated water is used for heating and washing



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System Analysis & Design

We will analyse your roof and energy required to find the best placement for your solar panels.

Installation & Powering Up

Installation by experienced professionals of roofing and solar. Time to sit back and enjoy the savings.