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Solar Power System

Soleeva provides the most innovative and customized solar solutions in the world. What makes us global leaders? Our U.S. manufactured solar modules with self-cooling and self-cleaning technology ensure maximum energy production, minimum maintenance and longer panel life!

How Our Solar Power System Work

Soleeva Skye Means Cleaner Solar Modules

Currently, nearly every solar module available in the market will develop a thick coating of dust that requires regular and rigorous cleaning.

Dirty solar modules not only diminish the elegance of your house, but the dirt layer blocks the sun’s rays from reaching the panel, reducing as much as 15% of the panel’s production efficiency. For optimum performance, modules should be cleaned frequently. Going on your roof to clean your solar modules is not easy, and hiring someone to clean the panel is expensive, so most homeowners defer regular cleaning and module performance is reduced.

Soleeva’s solar modules are different. Our proprietary module coatings utilize a nano-technology material to react with sunlight and moisture in the air to destroy airborne dust and dirt to keep your panels clean for a long time. No loss of power and no dirty panels on your roof! With Soleeva’s technology you may have to clean once a year and our panels, unlike our competitors, are easy to clean: no scrubbing, no detergent– just spray off your modules with clean water!

Cool Technology Means Better Performance

Our air cool technology is revolutionary in its impact for solar efficiency. Like most machines and equipment, keeping the solar modules cool is the best way to maximize output. At peak energy production times, all solar modules get hot and lose between 15-25% of their production capacity. Soleeva’s proprietary cooling technology keeps the module operating at optimal temperature, yielding the maximum output the panel is designed for.

Why is that important for you?

Why get 75-80% production, when paying for 100%efficiency ??

Would you pay full price for something and only get only 75% or even less output for what you paid for? At Soleeva, we believe you ought to get the most energy possible for what you paid for.

Soleeva’s modules have been tested in operation for several years in the extreme temperatures of Las Vegas and South Africa. Data and performance show that unlike other panels, Soleeva’s self-cooling solar panels consistently show outstanding maximum performance results in these extreme climes.

I contacted Soleeva through a financing company who said Soleeva was one of the most ethical solar companies in the market. I needed both roofing and solar and not many companies could do both, while guaranteeing both services. What really impressed me was how they treated me with tremendous respect and care and how careful they were about not disturbing us while doing their work. They were very patient in reaching out to me and did a wonderful job for the roof. The solar is just phenomenal. They delivered exactly what they promised and I couldn’t have been a happier customer.
  •  Alton Forney | CA

    Further, Soleeva’s cooling technology means your modules will operate cooler meaning that the rate of temperature degradation of Soleeva solar modules is much less than that our competitors, and our modules will produce more power, over a longer lifetime. As such, Soleeva’s solar panel will last at least 5-10 years longer than any other panel!



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