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Our experience shows insulation is the most neglected part in most houses. Yet, it plays a critical role for homeowners, not only to save energy cost but for the residents’ comfort as well. Also, since insulation yields maximum value for your money, we do a thorough analysis of it before designing a solar solution for your roof. A fully insulated house can save you thousands of dollars on your solar system. Soleeva has insulated thousands of houses in the Bay Area, ranging from blowing insulation, Batts insulation or spray foam and including attic space, crawl space, walls and floors.

Why is it important for our customer?

Our goal is to give you custom made, optimal solar and roofing solution at the best price possible. Since we will understand your needs, house structure and budget in thorough detail, we won’t need extra crew to insulate your house. Instead, your insulation will be covered under our warranty and we pass on the savings to you!



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System Analysis & Design

We will analyse your roof and energy required to find the best placement for your solar panels.

Installation & Powering Up

Installation by experienced professionals of roofing and solar. Time to sit back and enjoy the savings.