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To Purchase & Not to Lease!

With leasing options in the market, it can be confusing to decide whether to lease or buy your solar system. However, at Soleeva, you are our priority. Making you our priority means we won’t sell you a lease because you’ll lose money in the long run besides losing the benefits of going solar. Not only will you lose your tax credit and your monthly bill will continue to go higher, but you’ll also pay more and it will be harder to sell your home!

Purchasing means you pay a fixed price, with no hidden lease escalators or interest rates added, keep your 30% solar tax credit and other incentives!

Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Options

Installing solar panels among homeowners has become an even more attractive and cost-effective option thanks to government subsidies such as the Federal Solar Income Tax Credit (ITC), California Rebates and PACE Financing Programs. Soleeva connects you financing products specifically geared to fund your home upgrades. Our financing partners are:

Through our PACE partners listed above, our clients can acquire loans to make energy efficient improvements to their homes following a tax assessment of the property. Please check with them if they offer financing in your area.

During a site survey of your home to understand your home’s energy cycle, your lifestyle and needs, Soleeva’s home energy specialist will explain these different options to you. If you prefer, call us right away. We are here for you and would be happy to talk this through with you.